Ninth Conference on Laboratory Phonology
Change in Phonology
Thursday 24 June - Saturday 26 June, 2004

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Oral Presentations

Poster Presentations

24th June, 2004
7:30 Continental Breakfast


Welcome Address

Pierre Wiltzius, Director, Beckman Institute


Introductions Jennifer Cole, José I. Hualde
Session 1: Acquisition as change: L1 phonology Chair: Cynthia Fisher (UIUC)

LouAnn Gerken (University of Arizona)

invited speaker

with Tania Zamuner (University of Nijmegen)

Exploring the Basis for Generalization in Language Acquisition
Angela Grimm (University of Groningen) The Prosodic Pattern of Words and Phrases in the Acquisition of German
Coffee Break
Mary E. Beckman, Benjamin Munson, & Jan Edwards (Ohio State University and University of Minnesota)

Vocabulary growth and developmental expansion of types of phonological knowledge

Sharon Peperkamp & Emmanuel Dupoux (Laboratoire de Sciences Cognitives et Psycholinguistique, Paris and Université de Paris 8) The acquisition of abstract phoneme categories
Stefan Frisch (University of South Florida) discussant


Lunch break: Catered lunch on-site

Session 2: Prosodic influence on change in sound patterns Chair: Chilin Shih (UIUC)

Cécile Fougeron (CNRS-U Paris III)

invited speaker

Resyllabification revisited: the case of enchaînement in French
2:00 Mariapaola D'Imperio, Hélène Lœvenbruck, Caroline Menezes, Noël Nguyen & Pauline Welby (Laboratoire Parole et Langage, Aix-en-Provence and Institut de la Communication Parlée, Grenoble) Are tones aligned with articulatory events? Evidence from Italian and French
2:30 Coffee Break
2:45 Gina Garding & Amalia Arvaniti (University of California, San Diego) Dialectal variation in the rising accents of American English

Laura Dilley (MIT and Harvard University)


Fundamental frequency extrema on weak syllables affect the relative prominence of strong syllables

3:15 Kenneth de Jong (Indiana University) discussant
Session 3: Non-thematic Chair: Erin O'Rourke (UIUC)
3:45 Amanda Miller-Ockhuizen, Levi Namaseb & Khalil Iskarous (Cornell University, University of Namibia and Haskins Laboratory) Posterior constriction location differences in Click types
4:15 Mariko Sugahara & Alice Turk (University of Edinburgh) Phonetic Reflexes of Morphological Boundaries Under Different Speech Rates

Poster session 1

Wine & Cheese Reception

Beckman Institute East Atrium
25th June, 2004
7:30 Continental Breakfast
Session 4: Social factors in phonetic variation Chair: Zsuzsanna Fagyal (UIUC)

Gerry Docherty (University of Newcastle upon Tyne)

invited speaker

Speech in its natural environment: accounting for social factors in phonetic variability

9:30 Jane Stuart-Smith (University of Glasgow) Empirical evidence for gendered speech production: /s/ in Glaswegian
10:00 Coffee Break
10:15 Elliott Moreton & Erik Thomas (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and North Carolina State University) Origins of Canadian Raising in Voiceless-Coda Effects: A Case Study in Phonologization

Paul Warren, Jen Hay & Brynmor Thomas (Victoria University of Wellington and University of Canterbury)

The loci of sound change effects in recognition and perception
11:15 Henrietta Jonas-Cedergren, Université du Québec à Montréal discussant


Lunch break: Catered lunch on-site

Session 5: Mechanisms of sound change Chair: Hans Henrich Hock (UIUC)

Jonathan Harrington (University of Kiel)

invited speaker

Evidence for a relationship between synchronic variability and diachronic change in the Queen’s annual Christmas broadcasts
2:00 Susan G. Guion & Ratree P. Wayland (University of Oregon and University of Florida at Gainesville) Aerodynamics of [r] in tonogenesis
2:30 Coffee Break
2:45 John Hajek & Mary Stevens (University of Melbourne) Mechanisms of sound change in Romance: From gemination to degemination in Italy
3:15 Carlos Gussenhoven (University of Nijmegen) A vowel height split explained: Compensatory listening and speaker control
3:45 Elizabeth Hume (Ohio State University) discussant
4:15-4:45 General Discussion

Poster session 2

Beckman Institute East Atrium
5:30 Wine & Appetizers

Banquet dinner

Beckman Institute West Atrium
26th June, 2004
7:30 Continental Breakfast
Session 6: Phonological models of variation in computer speech processing Chair: Mark Hasegawa-Johnson (UIUC)

Julia Hirschberg (Columbia University)

invited speaker

with Agus Gravano (Columbia University), Ani Nenkova (Columbia University), Elisa Sneed (Northwestern University) & Gregory Ward (Northwestern University)

Intonational overload: Uses of the H* !H* L- L% contour in read and spontaneous speech
9:30 Robert Kirchner (University of Alberta)

Exemplar-based phonology and the time problem: a new representational technique

10:00 Coffee Break
10:15 Hosung Nam (Yale University and Haskins Laboratory) A Competitive, Coupled Oscillator Model of Moraic Structure
10:45 Carol Espy-Wilson (University of Maryland) discussant
Session 7: Non-thematic Chair: Gary Dell (UIUC)
11:15 Bob McMurray & David Gow (University of Rochester) Tracking the timecourse of multiple context effects in assimilated speech
11:45 Benjamin Munson (University of Minnesota) Lexical Access and Hyperarticulation


Lunch break: Catered lunch on-site

Session 8: Phonological change through the interaction of L1-L2 in bilinguals and language learners Chair: Rajka Smiljanic (Northwestern)

James Flege (University of Alabama)

invited speaker

Language Contact in Bilingualism: Phonetic System Interactions

2:15 Isabelle Darcy, Sharon Peperkamp & Emmanuel Dupoux (Laboratoire de Sciences Cognitives et Psycholinguistique, Paris and Université de Paris 8) Perceptual learning and plasticity in L2 learners: building a new system for phonological processes
2:45 Mariko Yanagawa (Yale University) Consonant Timing in L2 English: The Emergence of a Default Pattern
3:15 Coffee Break
3:30 Ghada Khattab (University of Newcastle ) Variation in vowel production by English-Arabic bilinguals
4:00 Norma Mendoza-Denton (University of Arizona) discussant
4:30-5:00 General Discussion