Ninth Conference on Laboratory Phonology
Change in Phonology
Thursday 24 June - Saturday 26 June, 2004

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Please follow this link to the visit the 10th Conference on Laboratory Phonology page: Variation, Detail and Representation

Welcome to the 9th Conference on Laboratory Phonology

LabPhon is an international forum for interdisciplinary research on the sound structure of languages. Participants in LabPhon seek to communicate across the traditional boundaries that separate phonology, as a branch of theoretical linguistics, from the study of speech production, speech perception, spoken language acquisition, computer speech processing, and other disciplines concerned with human speech.

The theme for LabPhon 9, Change in Phonology, addresses questions related to the evolution of language within a speech community and the development of language within the individual speaker/hearer, and includes issues of broad social interest, such as child language development, language pedagogy, and technologies for human-computer interaction.

Themes and Invited Participants

Acquisition as change: L1 phonology
LouAnn Gerken, University of Arizona , invited speaker
Stefan Frisch, University of South Florida, discussant

Phonological models of variation in computer speech processing
Julia Hirschberg, Columbia University, invited speaker
Carol Espy-Wilson, University of Maryland, discussant

Prosodic influence on change in sound patterns
Cécile Fougeron, CNRS-Université Paris 3, invited speaker
Kenneth de Jong, Indiana University, discussant

Social factors in phonetic variation
Gerry Docherty, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, invited speaker
Henrietta Jonas-Cedergren, Université du Québec à Montréal, discussant

Mechanisms of sound change
Jonathan Harrington, University of Kiel, invited speaker
Elizabeth Hume-O'Haire, Ohio State University, discussant

Phonological change through the interaction of L1-L2 in bilinguals and language learners
James Flege, University of Alabama, invited speaker
Norma Mendoza-Denton, University of Arizona, discussant