LabPhon 13
The 13th Conference on Laboratory Phonology

Stuttgart, Germany, July 27-29, 2012

Abstract preparation and submission


The submission deadline has passed!

Abstracts are anonymous. The author’s name and affiliation should not appear in the PDF file. The maximum length for the text of the abstract is two pages. This length restriction will be strictly enforced. Latex and Word document templates are available on the conference homepage (see download table below). Please make sure that all special fonts and symbols are embedded in the PDF document and display properly.

One individual may be an author on no more than two submitted abstracts. All abstracts must be written in English. Presentations will be given in English. The abstracts will be evaluated anonymously by the scientific committee.

When completing the submission form, having first logged in at the website above, you will see a space which asks for a short summary to be typed in. This is not the place for your real abstract! Please enter a short statement (no more than 100 words) summarizing your paper. Further down the page is where you will upload your real abstract as an attachment (PDF file).

The submission form also asks you to identify which of the conference themes your paper relates to. If your paper does not relate to any of the themes, please select “non-thematic”.

Abstract preparation guidelines

The paper template format is derived from the ICPhS 2007 LaTeX template. The following rules apply to all submitted papers:

  • they must be written in English
  • the maximum is two pages
  • they must be submitted in PDF format
  • the paper submission will be handled via a web–interface

The page layout should conform to the following rules. By far the easiest way to meet these requirements is to use the supplied templates (see download table below) and check details against this example file (PDF). If for some reason you cannot use the template, please follow these rules as carefully as possible.

  • The abstract book will be printed in A4 paper format (210 × 297 mm; 8.3 × 11.7 in). The layout is designed so that, when printed in US Letter format, files include all material but the margins are not symmetrical. Your submission must be in A4 format.
  • Left margins are 20 mm. Text width is 170 mm. Right margins will depend on the size of the paper.
  • Top margins are: 30 mm on the first page to the title top, 25 mm on the second page. Text height (without headers and footers) is 235 mm. Bottom margins will depend on the size of the paper.
  • Page numbers will be added electronically to the document later. Please do not add page numbers and please do not make any footers or headers!

Times or Times New Roman font is used for the main text. Recommended font size is 11 points. Other font types may be used if needed for special purposes. When making the final PDF file, remember to include all fonts!

You can use phonetic symbols and special characters in your abstract. To make sure that readers can see the phonetic symbols in the PDF document all special symbols must be embedded in the PDF. Depending on the software you use to produce the PDF the details may vary.

All figures and tables should be centered on the page. Figures should preferably be line drawings. If they contain grey shades or colours, it should be checked that they print well on a high-quality noncolour laser printer. Captions should precede each figure (or table). For an example, please refer to Figure 1 in the PDF file or the templates given in the table below.

The reviewing process will be anonymous. This means that for the first submission the name(s) of the author(s) and their affiliation(s) must not be mentioned. Additionally, please refrain from using acknowledgements. Previous own work should be referred to in a way that the identity of the submitting author(s) is not compromised, i.e. it should be referred to in an impersonal way. In submitted own work, the authors can be referenced as anonymous (Anonymous,submitted). Please make sure that no author details appear in the Document Properties of the PDF file.

For the revised paper submission author details are of course needed. Acknowledgements and references to one’s own work are possible as usual.

The reference format should follow the APA style guidelines, i.e., references should appear in the reference section in alphabetical order. In the text, references are indicated by the authors’ complete names and the year of the publication in parentheses (Fant, 1960; Ladefoged, 2003), or with only the year in parentheses, e.g. Peterson and Barney (1952) or Fant (1960).

Previous own work should be referred to in a way that the identity of the submitting author(s) is not compromised, i.e. it should be addressed in an impersonal way. In submitted own work, the authors can be referenced as anonymous (Anonymous, submitted).

PDF files submitted must comply with the following requirements:

  • All special fonts and symbols must be embedded in the PDF file so that correct rendering of the PDF does not depend on the fonts installed on the viewer’s computer.
  • There must be no password protection on the PDF file, i.e. PDF files must not be protected by PDF security in any way, i.e. content extraction, document assembly, high-resolution printing etc. must not be forbidden.
  • PDF files should not contain any colours, hyperlinks, multimedia or 3D content, and no JavaScript or forms.

Template download

Abstract template files
LatexMS Word

If there are special questions or wishes regarding paper preparation and submission for LabPhon 13, correspondence should be addressed to

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