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An outline timetable for the conference can be downloaded here.

The program is subject to change at any time. Last update 7 July 2010.

Please note that the poster sessions will take place in the middle of the oral sessions, not at the end as listed here.

To find what session your poster is in, locate it by EasyChair submission number in this file. The poster sessions are approximately thematic but the distribution of papers among the sessions has to take into account various factors besides content, so your poster may not be in the session you expect.

Wednesday evening, July 7, 7 – 9 PM

Registration and informal reception (cash bar) at the Hotel Albuquerque.
(Registration will also be available on other days.)

Thursday morning, July 8

Speech as gesture

Invited speaker: Marianne Pouplier, co-author Stefan Benus
On the phonetic status of syllabic consonants: Evidence from Slovak

Contributed papers:
Acoustics without articulation: A case study of Tashlhiyt schwa-like elements
 - R. Ridouane, C. Fougeron
How /b, d, g/ differ from /p, t, k/ in Spanish: A dynamic account
 - B. Parrell

Invited discussant: Lucie Ménard

Poster session 1: Speech as gesture (Pdf missing)

Thursday afternoon, July 8

Speech as gesture

Contributed papers:
Spanish nasal assimilation revisited: A cross-dialect electropalatographic study
 - A. Kochetov, L. Colantoni
Towards a Gestural Characterization of Liquids: Evidence from Spanish and Russian
 - M. Proctor
Prosodic context effects on acoustic differentiation of coronal stops in Wubuy
 - R. Bundgaard-Nielsen, B. Baker, M. Harvey, C. Best, C. Kroos

Modulation of speech gestures through prosody or sound change

Invited speaker: José Ignacio Hualde, co-authors Miquel Simonet and Marianna Nadeu
Consonant lenition and phonological recategorization

Contributed papers:
The Relationship between Speech Errors and Prosodic Phrase Boundaries
 - W.K. Choe, M. Redford
Metrical regularity modulates articulatory rate
 - S. Tilsen

Invited discussant: Marie Huffman

Poster session 2: Modulation of speech gestures through prosody or sound change (Pdf missing)

Thursday evening, July 8

Champagne reception at the conference site
Sponsored by Mouton to celebrate the launching of the Laboratory Phonology journal

Friday morning, July 9

Non-thematic contributed papers

Inter-language interference in VOT production by L2-dominant bilinguals:Asymmetries in phonetic code-switching
 - M. Antoniou
Cross-linguistic applications of a weighted constraint model of F0 movements
 - H. Cho

Phonology of signed language

Invited speaker: Onno Crasborn
Inactive manual articulators in signed languages

Contributed paper:
ASL sign lowering as target undershoot: a corpus study
 - K. Russell, E. Wilkinson, T. Janzen

Friday afternoon, July 9

Phonology of signed language

Contributed papers:
Linguistic vs. non-linguistic coarticulation: An ASL study
 - M. Grosvald, D. Corina

Invited discussant: Martha Tyrone

Poster session 3 Phonology of signed language, Gesture with language, Audiovisual aspects of speech (Pdf missing)

Gesture with language

Invited speaker: Dan Loehr
Temporal, structural, and pragmatic synchrony between intonation and gesture

Contributed papers:
Speech/Hand Coordination in the Production of Prosodic Focus
 - B. Roustan, M. Dohen
Gesture analysis expands the dimensionality of infant language acquisition research
 - L. Fais, B. Cass, J. Leibowich, A. Barbosa, E. Vatikiotis-Bateson

Invited discussant: Sherman Wilcox

Friday evening, July 9

Conference banquet at the Hotel Albuquerque

Saturday morning, July 10

Audiovisual aspects of speech

Invited speaker: Marc Swerts
Audiovisual correlates of social awareness in growing children

Contributed papers:
‘Seeing tunes’. The role of visual gestures in tune interpretation
 - J. Borràs-Comes, P. Prieto
Imitation of non-speech Lip and Tongue Gestures in Infants at the Onset of Babbling
 - H. Diepstra, P. van Lieshout, S. Trehub and A. Eriks-Brophy

Invited discussant: Eric Vatikiotis-Bateson

Poster session 4: Non-thematic (Pdf missing)

Saturday afternoon, July 10

Diversity of speech gestures, focusing on Native American languages

Invited speaker: Sharon Hargus
Phonetic vs. phonological rounding in Athabaskan languages

Contributed papers:
Velum gestures and nasalization phenomena in Guarani
 - D. Demolin
A gestural account of velar contrast in a coronal heavy inventory: the back fricatives in Navajo
 - K. Iskarous, J. McDonough, D. Whalen

Invited discussant: Heriberto Avelino

Poster session 5: Language acquisition, Diversity of speech gestures (Pdf missing)

Non-thematic contributed papers

Reducing /voiceless stop + vowel/ sequences in French and Spanish
 - F. Torreira, M. Ernestus
Congruence between 'word age' and 'voice age' facilitates lexical access
 - A. Walker, J. Hay