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Information for presenters

Poster presentations

The boards for poster display will be in landscape orientation, with a usable area of 68 inches (172 cm) wide by 44 inches (111 cm) high. Some push pins will be provided, but we encourage you to bring your own supply.

Presenters in morning poster sessions are encouraged to put their poster up before the morning's oral sessions begin. Please then remove your poster during the lunch break following your session. Presenters in afternoon sessions should put their poster up during the lunch break, and remove it after the day's sessions end in the evening.

Some useful suggestions for preparing conference posters can be found here and here.

You may wish to provide reduced-size copies of your poster as a handout. Please bring as many copies as you anticipate needing, as there are no copier facilities at the conference location. (We expect attendance of close to 200, but individual poster presenters do not need to bring 200 copies.)

Oral presentations

Speakers in oral sessions should bear in mind that your allotted time slot includes change-over from the previous speaker, your talk, and time for questions from the audience. Please plan your talk accordingly. Contributed presentations and discussants have 35 minutes, so we recommend that you plan to speak for 20-25 minutes. Invited speakers have 45 minutes, and can plan on speaking for approximately 30 minutes.

Please notify us by email (labfon12 ‘at’ unm ‘dot’ edu) if you wish to use a method of presentation other than a computer with projector.

Presenters are welcome to use their own laptops. When you arrive, please arrange with us to test your laptop with our projector before your session. This web page provides detailed instructions for preparing to use your laptop with a projector. Please practice ahead of time if you are not in the habit of doing this.

We will also provide a Macintosh and a PC (Windows XP) laptop for those who do not wish to bring their own computer. Both computers will have Microsoft Office software.

If your presentation contains any special fonts, please consider bringing your own computer or save your presentation as a PDF file if you wish to use one of ours.

If you wish to provide handouts, please bring 200 copies with you. There are no copying facilities at the conference location.