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Things to see and do around Albuquerque

There is so much to do in Albuquerque. Here are a few recommendations for both conference-goers as well as any friends and family that may also be coming to town.

Note: a ♦ indicates that this activity is within easy walking distance of Hotel Albuquerque.

Remember that there is lots to do in Old Town, just steps from Hotel Albuquerque.

Short on time? Check out ABQ Trolley for a trolley tour around the city.


Cultural Centers


Zoo, Aquarium, Botanical Gardens, Tingley Beach

  • ABQ Bio Park
    ♦ The botanical gardents, aquarium, and Tingley Beach are all within walking distance.

Near UNM

  • Visit Nob Hill, located east of UNM on Central Avenue, for tons of great shopping and dining options.

Local information